There are routes all along the mountains surrounding the city but we will concentrate on the area around Monte Gazzo, Monte Figogna and the Praglia area. The landscapes change drastically as you climb from the sea up the mountains, enjoying the marvels of Genova from above the city. These three connected areas are crammed with natural trails that allow for several different excursions of diverse lengths and technical difficulties, tailoring every tour to the riders needs. Leaving from sea level we can climb to over 1000 meters through a typically mountainous setting overlooking the Ligurian or Piedmont hinterland.

Besides seeing the entire arch of Liguria, on an especially clear day in winter you can see as far as Corsica and the Apennine Mountains. There are several typical family style Genovese restaurants where we can take a rest and pleasantly refuel after our hard work.


GENOVA - “la Superba” You will find Genova to be a regal city pushed against Alpine hills, superb because of its people and its city walls, where the position alone makes it appear to be the Lady of the Sea

Departing from Le Grazie, this not very touristy and far from trafficked area is an authentic fishing village of sailors and divers, hidden in a splendid cove inside the Gulf of La Spezia. Its pleasantly unique atmosphere is set between sheer cliffs dropping to the sea. The local speciality, not to be missed, is delicious stuffed mussels. The tour begins with the uphill climb to Monte Castellana, and its incredible panorama overlooking  Portovenere, Palmaria and Tino.

Most of the trails run through the woods and are mainly dirt trails. Trials for the ENDURO WINTER TROPHY are routinely held here.


PORTOVENERE - World heritage site, UNESCO
Sestri Levante
Sestri lvante.jpg

Often called “the town of two seas” because of its geographic shape- a thin isthmus that connects “the island”, a rocky promontory surrounded by the sea, to the mainland- Sestri Levante divides the waters of the wonderful Baia delle Favole from those of the enchanting Baia del Silenzio. This is one of the prized places for Enduro bikers thanks to the assortment of trails. The downhills are long and challenging and at the same time beautiful and exciting. The climbs back are on the slope of the Bracco above Riva Trigoso or Sestri, through the town of San Bernardo. Besides the technical changes that will satisfy your sense of adventure, these trails offer panoramic views worth stopping for. When you get to your destination you will cherish the taste of some delightful “Paciugo”  (a local ice cream flavor) in one of the many excellent artisanal ice cream parlors, or else a sweet or salty snack in one of the pastry or focacce shops in the small village. Sestri Levante is the ideal location for any type of MTB race, which is why it has already hosted numerous leading events.


SESTRI LEVANTE - "The town of two seas"
Monte di Portofino
portofino ok.jpg

This area needs no introduction. The trails start from the peak of Portofino and descend among forests of pine trees and chestnuts to Santa Margherita or to the town of Portofino. The views are unique and the thrills along the trails are guaranteed, which are all different levels of difficulty and different types of terrain, going from the easiest and smoothest to the more challenging special performances of the last Enduro MTB Italian championship, alternating stretches of rock with segments of terrain in the brush. Summer or winter, a tasty ice cream awaits along the promenade in Santa Margherita.


MONTE DI PORTOFINO - Portofino regional natural park

Thanks to its picturesque Medieval center, the sea and the surrounding territory Varazze is the ideal place for outdoor sports. The trails wind through a vast area that includes the Regional Natural Park of Monte Beigua, coming down from the province of Alessandria to the Mediterranean. Higher up the trails are mostly dirt through the woods, with the chance for braver bikers to try all sorts of jumps, while the lower trails are much more open and rocky. Getting up to the Madonna Della Guardia church at the end of the exciting dirt trail and looking out over the sea...is priceless. It’s like being in a helicopter!


VARAZZE - Mount Beigua regional natural park
Finale Ligure
finale ligure ok.jpg

Finale Ligure is made up of Finalborgo, a charming Medieval town, and the more modern city along the seaside. This includes a wide, green inland area especially of interest because of its natural areas and archeological finds. Thanks to the shape of the territory, to the hard work of different organizations and nature lovers, and to the far-sightedness of the public administrators, Finale has become the Mecca of MTB and so, a coveted destination by all who practice this sport. You could possibly ride around Finale Ligure for a whole month without biking the same trail twice.

Since Finale has such a variety of trails for every skill level, we can organize tours for bikers who just want a different kind of holiday or we can come up with more challenging routes, like the ones used in the Enduro World Series.


Diano Marina
diano marina.jpg

This area offers less famous routes than the ones around Finale, yet just as varied, complete and sufficiently long to put even the most skilled bikers to the test. With really technical stretches, complete with large stone steps, jumps and very steep drops, these parts have to be carefully assessed before being tackled. The “Salto nel Blue”(Jump into the Blue) is truly spectacular and worth capturing on film so your friends will be green with envy. At the end of the day, a quick stop at Cervo to see one of the finest, most beautiful villages in Italy. With time, Cervo has conserved its Medieval charm and now it is the pearl of Liguria, appreciated not only for its architectural beauty but for its surrounding landscape as well.


DIANO MARINA - In the middle of the Riviera of Flowers
meta sarda.png

Every time I get off the ferry boat in Sardegna I feel like a different person. A feeling of well-being overcomes me that I have never felt anywhere else. I feel at home there.


That is why an expert local guide and organizer of MTB events and I decided to offer this E-MTB Holiday. These excursions were thought out to satisfy both the expert rider and the calmest biker, based on the numerous choices these trails have to offer. The area is in Nuoro, between Orosei and Budoni. We chose the wonderful agritourism Su Vrau in Posada, which is more of a luxury resort than a holiday farm because it perfectly combines elegance and tradition. Su Vrau is very near the area’s splendid beaches and the center of Posada and they serve up hearty, typically Sardinian cuisine for dinner .


The route starts from the nearby Siniscola, important center of Baronia with an average rise of 1000 - 1500 meters. Over dirt roads and trails, through the regional Tepilora Park and the Biderosa wildlife reserve, we get to the white sandy beaches, set off by the distinctive blues and greens of the Sardinian sea and the granite rocks, which, eroded by the waves, have become proper sculptures. We will often find ourselves immersed in forests of century-old holm-oaks or run into the characteristic, fragrant Mediterranean scrub. As soon as we climb up high the views are like postcards, printed in your mind forever.

We also offer an extra long excursion, about 70 km, which includes a long rest to recharge our e-bikes and a healthy snack of local cheese, salami and local sweets.

Considering all the possibilities this area has to offer, we can always choose the most suitable route based on your needs and skills.

Sardegna... not to be missed!


SARDEGNA - A never ending dream