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I was born in Genoa quite a few years ago. For as long as I can remember I have been crazy about anything on two wheels and I love being in close contact with nature.


I have always played amateur sports with dedication and commitment, trying to achieve my goals with as much professional competence as possible. As a child my friends and I pushed my Graziella (bike) up the hills in the woods behind my house, coming down as hard and fast as we could.  After a day of thrilling exploits verging on the impossible, an old neighbor always waited with his welder, ready to patch what was left of the bike back together again.


When I discovered motorbikes I started hanging around trails all over Italy and taking part in competitions in almost every engine category, from Sport Production 125cc to Endurance 750cc. Vilma introduced me to the world of sailing and it was love at first sight. In our free time we started racing in regattas on racing yachts, something we still love to do whenever we can.


Looking for new challenges and maybe thinking back to my childhood, I started riding my bike over the hills again on excursions and to train for Enduro and DH competitions. Now I can barely go a day without getting out on my MTB, finding an exciting trail up to some marvelous panoramic lookout spot. I like to remind myself how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place as Liguria.



Born in Genoa. Activities in the open air, like mountain-climbing, archery, canoeing and especially sailing, have always been my passion- experiences that have taught me important skills, whether it is racing in a regatta as bowman or sailing calmly around the Mediterranean islands on the lookout for the least travelled places. Going to Enduro and DH races with Andrea has made me love it too, especially because of the wholesome and often convivial, gregarious atmosphere of mountain-biking.

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